Stones Pavillon

The Stones Pavillon (engl.: Pavilion) in the East-Saxon town of Bautzen is an exhibition of Rolling Stones memorabilia. The exhibition was first shown in a little village in the nearby Bischofswerda under the name of Ziggenpuss Collection onwards from June 2010 but moved to Bautzen in November 2015.

Since 2015 the Stones Pavillon is managed by Bautzen’s municipality. For further information and opening hours please visit their official webpage here.


This page is dedicated to the Stones Pavillon’s most famous visitors so far, the second oldest, still active Rock’n’Roll/Progressive Rock Band in the world:


Before their show in Löbau, OMEGA has been visiting the Stones Pavillon in Bautzen on September 01st, 2017. Photos: Bierke/BBB GmbH


Two singers:

Kóbor János & Mick

Two drummers:

Debreczeni Ferenc & Charlie


Szöllössy Katalin

Benkö László (Keyboards)

Is studying the chart lists from 1965





Founded in September 1962 with a concert in Budapest OMEGA was the second oldest performing rock band in the world until the death of its founding member Benkö László in 2020.


Only the Rolling Stones are a bit longer in the business. They’re performing since July 1962.


Another point of communality between these two rock dinosaurs:

OMEGA’s very first record was a cover version of the Rolling Stones hit single Paint It Black in 1966.














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